Kamal 1.0

Kamal offers zero-downtime deploys, rolling restarts, asset bridging, remote builds, accessory service management, and everything else you need to deploy and manage your web app in production with ...see more

Introduction to Kamal 🚀
  1. Kamal is a tool for deploying web applications anywhere, whether on Cloud VMs or your own hardware.
  2. Features of Kamal include zero-downtime deploys, rolling restarts, asset bridging, and more.
  3. Originally built for Rails apps, Kamal is versatile and can work with any web app that can be containerized.
Flexibility and Ease of Use with Kamal 🛠️
  1. Kamal provides flexibility without the complexity of tools like Kubernetes, making it easy to update applications.
  2. Built on Docker, SSH, and Ruby, Kamal is a simple tool that allows for easy understanding and deployment.
  3. Kamal offers the basic functionalities needed for application deployment, supporting multiple applications at 37signals.
Deployment Demo with Kamal 📦
  1. A demo showcases building a basic blog on Rails 7.1 with MySQL and Tailwind, deploying it to two different Cloud providers.
  2. Setting up VMs on Hetzner, creating a load balancer, and initializing Kamal for deployment.
  3. Configuring deploy.yaml, setting up database connections, and managing environment variables for deployment.
  4. Demonstrating the deployment process, including Docker installation, zero downtime deploys, and ensuring application availability.
Scaling and Multi-Data Center Deployment 🌐
  1. Expanding deployment to a second data center using Digital Ocean, maintaining consistency with configurations.
  2. Deploying to multiple destinations with Kamal, managing deployments across different Cloud providers seamlessly.
  3. Inspecting and interacting with deployed containers, rolling back to previous versions, and utilizing hooks for lifecycle management.
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